its something brown that comes out your ass! told ya...easy as 123! ;)
"maan, i need the shit badlyyyy!"

"well go to the toilet then u idiot!"

soo why do you go to the toilet? TO HAVE A SHIT!
by shittyman123 April 06, 2010
That brown stuff that comes out of your ass. Also known as "Poop".
I take a shit every morning, it ussually comes out soft.
by Locomotion Titties April 05, 2010
Noun with two meanings.

-referring to feces and waste matter
- a noun which can be used to replace a verb, meaning that the speaker doesn't have a clear idea of what they're referring to but know that they are referring to something.
'Aw man, I just took a huge shit.', meaning the speaker fired one out.

'Hey, you wanna go to town and shit?', which does not mean the speaker wants to use the toilets at a store on the high street. It means the speaker wants to go to town, but doesn't have a clear idea of what exactly to do there.
by GeekOnSugar January 30, 2010
1. a saying that something really sucks

2. a term for poo
1. Short Stack was really shit

2. I had a great shit
by T-R3X December 27, 2009
Some How It's Tasty
Tom : Your food is shit.
Alice: Fuck you, whats wrong with it ??
Tom : Actually, I mean some how its tasty.
by deepblue_22 December 02, 2009
1. A very popular exclamation. Can be used in almost any situation.

2. The act of pooping

3. The poop itself

4. Something awesome

5. Shit can also refer to something very flammable and fun to burn while in the woods. Usually plant material, but sometimes dried shit(poo) can also be shit. This is ironic shit.

6. Whatever the fuck you want it to be.
1. Shit! It's due tommorow?!

2. Dude, I have to shit so bad. Why did I eat those brownies your crazy ex sent you...

3. Yeah I woke up and there was shit all over my bathroom. Never drinking after Indian food.

4. Dude this weed is the shit!

5. Hey Brian go get some more shit. The fire's dying.

I feel bad for what we did to the shit
tree, but man it was fun. I hope my
eyebrows grow back.

6. Shit!
by naylordude424 November 30, 2009
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