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Acronym, much like tgif, meaning "Sure Happy It's Thursday
Guy 1: S.H.I.T.!
Guy 2: TGIAF!
by jzawadzki04 October 06, 2010
acronym for "Sure Happy It's Thursday!"
Person 1: "Well, I'm Shit."
Person 2: "Excuse me?"
Person 1: "What, I just said I'm Sure Happy Its Thursday!"
by cpoohbear September 30, 2010
Abbreviation for "sorry honey it's Thursday" similar to tgif. Typically said when someone says tgif on a Thursday.
Janet: Yippie, TGIF
Paul: SHIT, you can say that tomorrow
by Boss3503 September 30, 2010
shit is of course poop enough said but shit i also general things or you could be telling people to eat shit suck shit shitty job shitty place shitty house anything that is shitty makes it worse
my salad is ruined because a bird shit in it.
by ibeaperson July 09, 2010
Them: I have to take a shit.

You: Don't you mean you have to take a poop.
by thegoodzz June 30, 2010
Shit means crap, poo

mostly used to describe something
This game is shit
by computertrick June 17, 2010
That brown stuff that comes out of your ass. Also known as "Poop".
I take a shit every morning, it ussually comes out soft.
by Locomotion Titties April 05, 2010