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a word to use when your surprised or get the piss scared out of you
holy shit titties since when have you been there
by pablo defondo May 26, 2011
An expression of dismay or frustration.
"Shit titty! Why won't this stupid thing work."
by astrozombie23 September 10, 2006
Shititties is a compound word you would use in the place of another curse word. It is considered a curse word and I do not suggest you say it at high school. You can and will get ISS for 5 days because you said two curse words in the span of one word. This word was founded by: I don't know Aqua Man.

P.S. Congratulations
Holy SHITTITTIES that was amazing!

Shittitties that was close!
by CarlyKills April 05, 2014
An exclamation of disgust or anger at a sporting event or sporting event on TV when a curse word does not express these feelings.
*opposing team scores a Touchdown or goal*
Fan: "SHITTITTIES! Wheres the Defense??"

Fan: "SHITTITTIES! Can we not make a goal today??"
by Thedamndawg January 03, 2012

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