to actually poop in the sheets, especially when trying to gross out your girl with a large fart. Particularly disgusting habitbut in some countries it is considered normal behavior.
I was gonna fart and hold Shannon's head under the covers, but I shit the bed.
by pretzel the wiener January 21, 2008
get up early - under the pretense that if you shit in bed you have to get up anyway and clean it.
see kin ell
Boss - "Not late today then?"
Dude - "Na, shit the bed!"
by street smeg May 06, 2005
To screw up in a most splendid manner!
BJ royally shit the bed on Monday when he left the brand new N64 controllers for his mother to mail!
by Naetron January 03, 2006
when an event has occured in which is surprising your distressing, a way to express your feelings.
m****y got laid, shit the bed!
by n.martin April 28, 2004
Something that is truly unbelievable and not good. An event or occurance that is stunning, and not positive.
Joe forgot to bring the beer......... SHIT THE BED!!!
by HollafortheDolla July 05, 2009
shows surpise/ shock about something
john : i really like sarah
mark : u like her shit the bed..

shop keeper: thats £50
me : omg shit the bed
by clare August 07, 2004
When someone literally takes a dookie in their bed
"Mom, I shit the bed!"
by Yo Mama April 20, 2005

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