shit the bed is an english phrase that refers to someone who got out of bed unusually early compared to what they normally would.
Usually used against a lazy or unemployed person who is up early.
08:41 <lazydude1> *yawn* morning all :D
08:41 <me> heh, your up early. Shit the bed?

08:41 <lazydude1> lol
by rundata May 05, 2010
When something just goes wrong...really, really wrong.

"'Shyte' the bed" in limey.
1) Sorry I was late. My car just shit the bed on the way over.
2) If your friends shit the bed and don't get us out of Harlem in the Klan costumes...
3) Last night I thought I had to fart, but I shit the bed instead.

Use "Shyte" the bed" if you're limey.
by Tenacious Faulker May 02, 2008
When you do something that, in the moment, you think is great, but you later realize that it was a horrible idea.
You - Remember that bitch we were talking about a couple weeks ago?
Friend - Yeah, why?
You - Well, I got drunk and thought it was a good idea to ask her out...
Friend - You're screwed.
You - Yep... I just shit the bed...
by Diane O. Saure October 23, 2013
> substitute for the following:
"I got a D on the benchmark! Shit the bed!"
by RojoC April 23, 2007
An expression used when an unfortunate occurance in one's life causes extreme agnst or annoyance.
When you are at the coast and your friend backs her car into a huge rock, you say: Ah, shit the bed!
Not enough beer at the party? Ah, shit the bed!

by Maj-Britt June 18, 2006
In making an error, or something bad happening the expression might be used. As Shitting the bed its self could be the worst thing ever.
GW.Bush:Erm..soz tony but there werent any weapons of mass destruction.

Tony Blair:..Shit the bed
by Josh. S April 22, 2005
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