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1. n. A person that has poor taste qualities towards certain subjects.

2. v. The inability to discriminate between good and bad qualities towards a subject.
3. adj. A subject that has a poor sense of taste and quality.

Usually it refers from entertainment to arts.
E.g. 1
Person 1: OMG! I love X's music.
Person 2: You have shit taste. Y's music is way out your X's league.

E.g. 2
Person 1: OMG! I love Urban Dictionary.
Person 2: You have shit taste. Go read a real quality dictionary book.
by Gogo91 October 09, 2013
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Having poor judgement, poor taste, and no class.
Sam should kill himself because he is a faggot with shit taste.
by Concerned Citizen Dog January 11, 2014

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