N. (shitte store ee)

A story that retells one's experience, or the experience of another, shitting, i.e., defecating, at (1) the wrong time; (2) in the wrong place; (3) in unusual amounts or colors; (4) with unusual stench; (5) with unusual results or combinations thereof. Usually causes both the listener and teller to laugh. May contain a moral or not, as the case may be. Revived at the Bread Loaf Writer's Conference in 1998.
That was the best shit story I ever heard -- there was shit all over the floor!
by Genoways August 29, 2003
Top Definition
A shit story is a made up story someone tells another person.
John: When I was at the concert last night, 2 girls were trying to get into my pants.

Steve: That's a shit story!
by obscure August 28, 2005
1. An alternate to "history", a recollection or tale of a past occurence that is obviously made-up.

2. A personal bad history.
Anne: She said she hooked up with FIVE different guys last night!
Liz: That's total shitstory. She's not pretty at all.


Anne: You shouldn't go out with him, he has a shitstory to hit it and quit it.
by estarly March 31, 2010
A unit of measurement used to describe the distance you fall when playing Toy Story 2 for the Nintendo 64.
"Wow, i just fell a shit story out of that tree when that toy hit me.
by Proffesor Badass June 26, 2010
Shit story is the phrase you used to to describe and express frustration over an unforunate set of events where everything went wrong. Its most notable use was by Tom Hanks in the movie The Burbs after snapping his credit card in half while trying to unlock the door to his neighbor's house with it.
After bob's car hit into the tree, making him late for his job interview, he walked to the nearest gas station only to find that they were closed and said "That's a shit story."
by desolator911 September 27, 2009
Alternative name for "History."

Pronounced like History, except with an "Sh" added.

Basically, a Shitstory is a person's individual past or present past, that has been anything but decent.

A person that has a Shitstory, had an extremely rough and tumble childhood. They were either abused, molested, raped, had serious familial problems or the likes. Even those that had a difficult time growing up, due to the typicality of youth, can even have a Shitstory.

Shitstory doesn't just denote childhood. It also encompasses adulthood as well.
Dr. Tanner: "Come now Clareece. Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your family history."

Clareece: "You mean my family Shitstory?"
by Ms. Lacuna August 05, 2009
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