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when you walk into a fast food bathroom, most often at Taco Hell, or other cheap Mexican food places, and the walls,floor and toilet are covered in diarrhea, it looks like someone with explosive diarrhea spun around really fast while shitting, hence a shit sprinkler sound would be like faaaaart-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit
Don't go in the stall in that bathroom, looks like someone set off a shit sprinkler in there
by fartposter December 19, 2013
1. A person who has had a shitty experience and, by virtue of their personal disposition, ensures that everyone around them share that shitty experience either directly or indirectly through misdirected rage.

2. A creature that continues to rotate or move while defecating so as to disperse the shit throughout an area.

3. A spewing of uninformed, unfounded, heavily biased, poorly worded and generally unintelligible opinion to a broad audience.
1a. Thibaut Pinot in the 2015 Tour de France was a Shit Sprinkler who sprayed his mechanics and teammates after disappointing performances.

1b. When I stubbed my toe and smashed my favourite porcelain cat figurine on the floor, I had my kids/spouse/servant clean it up while berating him/her about how much the figurine cost and how it was coming out of their spending money. Making them realize how much I was suffering by making him/her suffer made me feel better.

2. Damnit, my dog is such a shit sprinkler at night which forces me to feel around in the dark for clean-up.

3. Looking at the comments section of most news websites is willingly running through a Shit Sprinkler.
by UD_Pseudonym September 27, 2015

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