1. The sprayer with nice-smelling shit that you spray in your bathroom after you take a giant dump. Sometimes the big shits don't smell at all, but you should definitely shit spray your bathroom after a dump for the sake of your roommates, who will then shit spray for you.

2. Basically Febreze, but you probably bought the cheap kind.

3. Can be used as a verb: to shit spray--to spray the shit sprayer.

1. Tom: Bitchfuck Aaron, you forgot to use the shit sprayer. Now my cologne smells like your shit.
Aaron: It's OK, if you get lucky you'll just feel like you're doing anal.

2. Jason, should we buy 1 shit sprayers or 2?
Buy 3, Nick's making chalupas for dinner.
by TDfuckingB March 08, 2007
Top Definition
shit sprayer-(adj.) A person who releases liquid fecal material from their anal cavity in a violent manor resulting in a wide area of your toilet to be covered with rectal fluid. This person does not clean up the toilet after release.
That fucking shit sprayer Matt marked his territory all over our toilet again. It sure would be nice if he would clean up his own shit for once.
by sprayhappy December 30, 2007
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