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(V) The act of snorting shit mixed with coke off a strippers ass. Preferably in Las Vegas.
Dude, I'm so wired from that shit sniff off that strippers dirty blue waffle ass.
by english cunt November 01, 2012
6 0
Everyone has come across a shit sniff, it is the sound men make to inform other men in a public restroom that they are currently in the process of dropping a deep sea bog diver. It is simply a very short and abrupt sniff, it is clear that because of it's short duration a shit sniff is not used for the pleasure of sniffing shit, it is merely a warnig to others that the process is occuring.
Next time you are in a public toilet (and i know that sounds weird) have a listen and eventually you will hear a shit sniff but you do not mention it when you are in there you'll put them off their stroke.
by deadmandancin November 28, 2009
7 4
Someone who enjoys the smell of their own doo-doo. Everyone loves the smell of their own brand!?!? Right???
Dude he let one go, everyone scattered and he just sat there and grinned what a shitsniff.
by Professor McNasty November 08, 2006
2 3