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the most refreshing order to clean up, a three step process.

1. take a shit, never do this last
2. have a shower, feel clean
3. shave, either in the shower or alternitavely after the shower, if you got face hair.
guy 1on phone: HEEEEY!
guy 2: hi there.
guy 1: what time do you wanna meet up tonight?
guy 2: well i need enough time to shit shower shave
guy 1: alright, we'll say 12
guy 2: woah! midnights a bit late, dont you think?
guy 1: well, your a hairy muthalicka, might take you a while
guy 2: i'll have you know, i have a beard as luch as zeus and a mullet as sweet as lincolns.
guy 1: whatever man, just be there by 9.
guy 2: word.
guy 1: and stop saying word, while your at it.
by eeeisforellen June 29, 2009
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The three S's of hygiene.

See also, SSS.
Chris, bro, you look like a homeless man. Did you even Shit - Shower - Shave?
by Mister Obious March 08, 2013

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