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A word coined by DJ Imax following the "She wouldnt kiss me" incident. It describes a group of normally well behaved men making incredibly rude jokes about a group of good people.
DJ Imax"She's so sloppy"
Matt: "Ohh boy this is a shitshow"
by photy February 03, 2012
A reference used to describe a night of intoxication with friends that ultimately leads to blacking out & puking. Girls often use this as an excuse to get drunk and be taken advantage of. Boys often use this as an excuse to take advantage of girls without them remembering. All in all, if you're gonna be a shit show... At least make it classy.
Victoria; always puts on the best shit show when partying.
by Not Drunk Enough For This May 28, 2012
A term coined by an old British sailor. A shit show is when you and your friends get extremely drunk and play multiplayer Goldeneye with ridiculous settings.
For example if you play at the Stacks with Rocket Launchers that is going to be a complete shit show for you and your friends
by CrazyEd May 04, 2011
Arlene Cotto

People who drunk text funny shit frequently, people who "shake their shit", that person who always says yes when someone asks if anyone needs a beer.
"Damn did you that shit show last night?"
"yeah man she was shaking her shit and chugging beer"
by belienaaa October 18, 2011
when you get lost. so lost that you have to pull over and ask the indian gas station worker where you are to which he responds "turn left at dunkin donuts". so lost that a 5 minute trip takes an hour and when you finally reach the restaurant you ordered from, they inform you that they have thrown out your order because you are an hour late. such scenario would be described as a shit show
jeez why can't samella find the restaurant, she's sucha shit show
by samellera May 22, 2011
The act of being belligerently drunk. Usually involving no more than two people. The drinker is constantly dancing. Strange Dance moves involving squatting, awkward body positions, and off beat dancing to the music usually alone.

Blacking out is a key part in being a Shitshow.
Hannah- "Emily do you remember last night?"
Emily- "Not at all"
Liz- "You two were a complete Shitshow when you were dancing on the tables"
by La fonnnnnnnda August 12, 2009
The state or condition of a bathroom after being occupied by a post-operative feline, specifically after a perineal urethrostomy, for greater than or equal to 12 consecutive hours unattended.
When I came home from work, the bathroom was a shit show. I'm glad Snowball was in there all day and not on my bed.
by Gratefully Childless in VA November 29, 2010