what noncreative people (usually fraternity and sorority members) use to describe a reckless, drunk, and exciting night! people that use this word might also use words like "haggard" "legit" and "debauchery." It's also very common to use this as a facebook album title.
Omg last night at Sigma Gamma Epsilon was such a shit-show, I can't even remember anything, except that red cup I was holding in every picture!!!
by totesboss April 23, 2008
A display of ridiculousness. This ridiculousness could be measured in alcohol consumption, or by other controlled substances that is causing a group of people to look like idiots. It is not a "show," yet a display of behavior that is unappealing to the innocent bystander who wishes to not take part in such ridiculousness.
Everyone in that bar is drunk and acting like idiots, it looks like a total shit show in there-let's bounce.
by Mainah. March 24, 2010
The point in a night of cheerful drunkenness, where one moves past the point of fuzzy warmth into "OH SHIT!" territory, and then all the fuckin dawgs get let out the pound. This feeling is usually followed by a hangover that will hit you harder than a punk-ass kid that doesn't know anything about bumper-car etiquette, or a .42 BAC.
Oh man, did you see Willie last night.. Total Shit Show. He must have experimented with at least 2 beers.
by Danny Drunkass September 10, 2010
A word coined by DJ Imax following the "She wouldnt kiss me" incident. It describes a group of normally well behaved men making incredibly rude jokes about a group of good people.
DJ Imax"She's so sloppy"
Matt: "Ohh boy this is a shitshow"
by photy February 03, 2012
A reference used to describe a night of intoxication with friends that ultimately leads to blacking out & puking. Girls often use this as an excuse to get drunk and be taken advantage of. Boys often use this as an excuse to take advantage of girls without them remembering. All in all, if you're gonna be a shit show... At least make it classy.
Victoria; always puts on the best shit show when partying.
by Not Drunk Enough For This May 28, 2012
when you get lost. so lost that you have to pull over and ask the indian gas station worker where you are to which he responds "turn left at dunkin donuts". so lost that a 5 minute trip takes an hour and when you finally reach the restaurant you ordered from, they inform you that they have thrown out your order because you are an hour late. such scenario would be described as a shit show
jeez why can't samella find the restaurant, she's sucha shit show
by samellera May 22, 2011
A term coined by an old British sailor. A shit show is when you and your friends get extremely drunk and play multiplayer Goldeneye with ridiculous settings.
For example if you play at the Stacks with Rocket Launchers that is going to be a complete shit show for you and your friends
by CrazyEd May 04, 2011
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