n. The substance created when a guy sprays diarrhea all over a chick in a bath tub and then pisses and cums on her. This may sound strange to the common Urbandictionary user, but this is very normal to R. Kelly.
intrj. An exclamation of shittiness. Usually used when cleaning baby ass or other stuff.
n. R. Kelly once fed shit sauce to a minor.
intrj. Tired Mother: "Shit sauce!!! My baby's shit is baby-shit green!"
by Gjelstiznles August 01, 2006
Top Definition
The opposite of "Sweet Sauce"
Boss: "You have to work on New Years Eve"
Employee "shit sauce"
by Stephen W. December 19, 2007
The Act Of Making A Terribly Saucer Pass In NHL .
Therefore Your Teammates Will Proceed To Scream

Sauce Of The Ass
Shit Sauce
by RAYNORx14 January 22, 2011
shitty sauce, a response when something goes horribly wrong.
Doerr: "dude I just lit your kitchen on fire... sorry"
Jon Bednarz: "AHHHH SHITSAUCE!!!!"
by Doerrdoerr July 16, 2011
1]A term most commonly associated with the pracgice of shit-eating, usually the product of a shiteating party, or the prepared amalgamation of shit and urine that one uses to enhance the "splattered shit look" in a shit eating photoshoot
1]shit sauce makes my body glisten
2]davidesmom is synonomous with the word shitsauce
by luca g. March 13, 2005

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