After wiping your ass from taking a shit, you quickly slap yourself in the face with the paper. Chances are there is going to be shit on the paper, sometimes there isn't due to the ghost shit.
After I played Shit Roulette there was a residue of hershey squirts on my cheek.
by Shane Marquis October 14, 2007
Top Definition
When one is unsure of whether or not their fart is a shit, but continues to push it out anyway. The risk greatly outweighs the rewards, but we do it regardless.
Sitting in front of the TV, I felt a fart and pushed. I survived another round of shit roulette, but one day I won't just fire a blank.
by IShitALot September 14, 2014
Here's how to play: You and your buddies smoke weed in a pipe and pass it around the circle. Players keep hitting the bowl until someone sucks the ashes into their mouth (a.k.a. shit in the mouth).
We played shit roulette last night and left with black tongues.
by Scatmouth December 26, 2013
Taking one laxative from a package that claims each dose is different.
Well I was constipated, but now I might be able to shit normal. Or EVERYWHERE!! And it's all thanks to these Shit Roulette pills.
by SH4D0WH47CH37 September 07, 2014
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