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A gay man's anus, used in reference to sexual activity and analagous to a woman's vagina.
Fuck my virgin shit pussy, you hung stud!
by Hookerlover July 09, 2004
an alternative name for the anus in a sexual context
Roberta worried that her boyfriend's obsession with her butt would lead to him asking her to let him fuck her in her shitpussy.
by sexualgenius November 09, 2007
When a Girl wipes her ass towards her vagina and leaves clumps of shit in it.
Oh shit girl. I need to start wiping the other way because I got me a serious case of Shit Pussy. Ps. You got a nappy ass weave.
by clomeango duparieto January 26, 2008
a pussy that is pooped
I had so much sex, my OBGYN told me to stop for awhile because I have a shitpussy. Man, my pussy is pooped, time to move on the my ass. Plus guy's dig a par three.
by infiniti August 15, 2003

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