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A movie filmed where shit is the main focus of entertainment and sexual stimulation. Made for sick people and Germans. Some times refered to Scheizer porn.
When Robert relized he had signed up for a shit porn he felt sick and aroused.
by Faillace April 22, 2006
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n. Video or images consisting of shocking or disgusting scenes of pornography involving shit.
2Girls1Cup is definitely shitporn.
by lead_poisoning717 October 06, 2009
1) Pornography containing fecal matter.
2) Offensive word that originated in Granite Hills High School, San Diego by Jay, Matt, and Mario.
Matt: Dude, let's look us up some Shit-porn!
Mario: Dude, did you see that kid who just walked by?
Jay: Yeah, dude. he's such a fucking shit-porn.

by Jay Slaughter December 04, 2007

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