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1) A popsicle-like frozen treat, made out of frozen shit.
2) A small ball (usually no larger then, let's say, half an oreo) made out of shit that one can pop into his mouth. A snack of shit, if you will.
1) Ice Cream Man: Shit pops! Shit pops! Get your Shit Pops!
2) New Nabisco Shit Pops! Pop 'em into your mouth for a shittastic time!
by Cecil Love August 02, 2006
When you have a fart stuck behind your shit, and when you push the fart out, the shit goes flying!
DUDE!! last night i shit-popped all over my cereal!!!
by Hairy Richard Jr. November 18, 2011
when you give ur mrs a bit of batty love, u take ur nob out and its got a bit of brown sauce on the end.
oi biatch, lick that shit pop off my end
by Savo August 05, 2005
When your lady friend gives you ha blowjob after having anal sex with her you refer to your penis as a "shit-pop."
My girl's such a freak. I gave her a shit-pop last night.
by Alex S. November 10, 2004

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