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The only possible way to have a party which is, in fact, "The Shit". This party is most often celebrated in canada. Party activities include: Poop Tag, Bobbing for Poopies, Poop Filled Pinata and others. This gathering is commonly lead by one Fecalfeliac or more.
"My friend just threw a shit party the other day, the reason I went was because I only have one friend, so I'm just talking to myself right now. I still smell like feces from the Poop Pinata..."
by AnUrIzM May 13, 2008
n., pl. -ties.

1. A party or social gathering that involves one, or often several, acts of defecation on any visible object in the immediate vicinity.
2. What goes on in Gracie's' kitchen
Person 1 - Dude there's shit on my plate
Person 2 - That's because we had a shit party in the back
by (> ^^(>O.O)> January 13, 2009

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