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When something happens unexpectedly and you believe that saying this will help cope with the situation.
Mother: 'Jimmy, come up from the basement for supper.'

Jimmy: 'Okay, mother!'

Mother: 'I've invited your high school sweetheart Big Betty too. She says she misses you a lot.'

Jimmy: 'Shit nigga.'
by RocEgg123 March 01, 2013
1. a black person who is the colour of shit.
2. an insult
Achmed, open your eyes! We can't see you in the dark! Open your mouth you shitnigga!
by uther August 23, 2003
a term used by white australians for unhygeinic aboriginals, they are gifted with a variety of magical abilites such as stealing bikes and "shitting in the bed"
"Yo oh man nigga last night i was in bed and i tried to fart and shit went everywhere!"

"Oh AARON your such a shit nigga"
by Rambo 93 March 20, 2009
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