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To shit a quantity of shit that is equal to the size of your ass.
"I feel like I have to shit my ass."
by Jugarn Jax May 31, 2005
v. - This phrase can be used in almost any situation, ranging from extreme disgust in one's self, to having a high chlorine level in a pool, or to having a very eldery motorist slowing down traffic ahead. This phrase can be used in a sentence all by itself, or it can be said right in the middle of other words in the same sentence.
Tony: "C'mon ya old bag! She's gotta be going the same way i'm going! Go right on shit my ass red! I'm in a hurry to make signs for the field days!"

Larry: "The chlorine is too high, we can't open the pool today."
Tony: "Shit my ass, just tell the kids to not open their eyes."
by HeadPoolieInCharge June 27, 2010
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