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n. A person's hands that are covered in human excrement (shit)
ex. A general description of being displeased, or a term for an unpleasant person
Ex. (n) That guy needs to learn to wipe, he was wearing a pair of shit mittens when he came out of the stall.

(n) My daughter tried to take care of her own diaper, but only ended up with a pair of shit mittens.

(ex) Oh shit mittens!

(ex) Don't listen to that guy, he's just a shit mitten.
by Spc. Edwards August 24, 2006
7 5
When you roll toilet paper around ur hand like a mitten and use it to wipe the shit from your ass.
The pipes weren't clogged from the shit itself, it was from the damn shit mitten.

Damn that's a lot of poo! I'm definitely gonna need a shit mitten.

LITTLE KID- "Daddy wipe me.."
FATHER- "Uhh..why dont you use your shit mitten instead."
by rotfloling April 12, 2009
17 7
What occurs from excessive wrapping of the hand with toilet paper prior to wiping ones ass.

Common to those with enormous asses.
Commonly leads to a shitter overflow.
Johnny dropped a huge shitmitten into the shitter and clogged to whole works.
by Granite_33 April 13, 2011
0 2
when you have to play badminton in PE
Did you hear, we are playing shitmitten today.
by Conniera April 07, 2008
2 4