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When one is defecating, and they believe they're finished, they wipe their ass only to realize that they were not quite done. They defecate further, and wipe again. This may continue to go on for multiple cycles. What one is left with is Shit Lasagna, due to the layering of shit and toilet paper.

Note: This term is officially listed in the Seeker's Mantown Dictionary.
After an hour on the can, I had created a full course of shit lasagna.
by theKman77 November 11, 2006
Effect of piling several layers of shit on a bathtub or bucket, separated by pieces of newspaper.

This is a common practice for the people in the ghetto.
My friend got dizzy after smelling the shit lasagna his howdies had in the bathroom.
by William Ch August 14, 2006
Its when you carefully place toilet paper down in the toilet before you use it. Then have a bowel movement on top, then wipe, put it down. Then move your bowels yet again, wipe, and put it down. continue to do this untill you have about Five to Six layers, and you will have your shit lasagna. (for looks eat a can of buttered corn about 15 hours before you attempt your shit lasagna.)
last night i was bored, so i decided to make a shit lasagna.
by David Remsen June 09, 2007
What is left in the toilet when a thousand Ugandans have used it before you.
Don't use the bathroom, the Ugandans have left a fresh batch of shit lasagna.
by soldierguy October 09, 2011
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