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When something bad is found out and the consequences start to happen.
"I didn't think she'd find out, until Bob told her about it, then the shit hit the fan".
by yomamas_bin_slobbin April 11, 2009
29 23
When something goes TERRIBLY wrong.
After I opened the door to the Portal to the other dimension - about five or six two headed, green dog-like animals jumped out of it and started devouring everything. In other words - shit hit the fan.
by Gvazdas April 24, 2010
13 20
The shit is information, and the fan a person or persons (often an employer or partner or someone in a position of seniority or superiority) to whom the information will be viewed as very bad news and also who is/are going to react immoderately and with no concern (or even some delight) as to whom the information then spreads.

This is an analogy for the worst possible development where concealment or deception have taken place and is a story in three parts: 1)The shit and the fan are seen as separate giving rise to nervousness of the awful consequences should they meet. 2)That moment arises, when time appears to stand still and the blades of the fan appear frozen for a split second. 3)There is an awful smell and a heck of a lot of clearing up to do.
The shit hit the fan when my mother returned home early to find my father trying on her best summer dress in front of the mirror.
by Paul Newton June 29, 2006
36 46
When a situation goes from bad to worse. Could be just about any situation work related, family related or significant other and so on.
When we were running late for our friends wedding because of me i was in trouble but it wasnt til we made it there that the sh_t hit the fan, the wedding was the previous day.
by Dave April 06, 2004
23 40
The throwing of excrement over rival football supporters.
Tom: Liverpool are playing Man United at Old Trafford this week-end.
Bill: I'm sure we'll see the shit hit the fan at that game!
by Dung a Din October 17, 2006
9 30
The escalating of a situation to extreme boling point. The ensuing spillover and chaos from doing something that will piss someone else off.
"The shit hit the fan after sum good sex, when I told her that I'd 'had better' the night before."
by gang fuck September 01, 2003
12 33
when a bad secret is let out and everybody knows about it to disastrous consequences. imagine the smell and splatter if someone blasted hershey-squirts into a rotary fan.
my favorite scene in the movie airplane is when the shit hits the fan. to bad its cut out in the "edited for television version"
by minghi May 10, 2003
12 35