Top Definition
1. A lot

More than a fuck ton
More than a shit ton
It's a fucking "shit fuck ton"

2. The amount of something equal to what you can comprehend multiplied by 1.2.
Hey William!
Yeah Chris?
Get any pussy this weekend?
yeah, I got a shit fuck ton.
#shit #fuck #ton #alot #more #tons #fucks #shits
by Chuck McDowell July 10, 2010
A combination of shitfuck and fuckton used to denote an extremely large quantity, more than a shit load or a fuckton.
How much reading do I have to do by tomorrow? A shitfuckton!
#fuckton #shit load #assload #fuckload #crap load
by d3monk1ng June 27, 2010
1. an extremely large, ginormous amount, bigger than your mom's ass and the fucking universe, usually used to describe an emotion or feeling towards something in a good or bad way
I love you a shitfuckton, because i'm just that awesome and a lot just isn't enough.
#ginormous #huge #universe #large #big
by lmw1207 May 07, 2012
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