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a person who experiences intense orgasm while ingesting massive amounts of fecal matter from their sex partner.
" i wish i was jennifer lopez' shit eater!"
by john March 16, 2003
1.A person who is often owned in many diffrent ways everyday of his or her life.
2.A douchebag
"Hey nice fannypack, shiteater."
"Sorry I knocked all your teeth out, shiteater."
"Eat shit, shiteater."
by Don Lorenzo January 06, 2006
Refers to a person who eats shit. Can sometimes refer to a monkey or other animal that likes to eat shit, like a dog. Word is derived from Japanese porn videos where the girls eat shit. They are called Shit-eaters
"Dude I saw this video of this one Japanese chick, she was a shit-eater, hahaha!"
by Aclockwork3 June 01, 2004
Military term for members of the British Forces. So named because thier food is of a much lower standard in comparison to that of thier allies.

Alternate definition: due to the fact that british food sucks sooooo bad they are commonly refered to as Shit-eaters
Only Shit-eaters serve deep fried eggs for breakfast, along with deepfried toast.
by shrek March 24, 2005
A person who eat's shit
P1: How's Ethan doing?
P2: The usual, being that weaksauce shit eatter that he always was
by Anonymous July 17, 2002
in florida a shit eater is an officer (corectional officer) that works in prison he or she guards the inmates.
watch out here comes the shit eater
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