To put it politely, someone that is a jerk to a point where even jerks find the person annoying and/or aggravating to deal with.

In short, a person that is such a jerk that he or she makes even jerks look like nice people by comparison. Hence the name shit disturber; the idea being that even something as offensive as excrement would find the person offensive.
We were having a peaceful discussion on a message board. Although we couldn’t come to an agreement, we were able to end the discussion like mature adults and agreed to disagree. Just as we were at the stage of leaving it at that and moving on, some troll barges in and starts flaming both of us, igniting a massive flamewar that lasted for months before the moderators finally put an end to it. I’ve seen some offensive people in my life but before I encountered this guy, I’d met few people that would qualify as a shit disturber as this person does.
by An optimist with experience May 31, 2005
Top Definition
disturber of the peace

strictly canadian phrase
marcel is a little shit diturber
by steve June 05, 2004
A person who because of their very nature, insults random people, picks fights, and likes to stir up trouble
look at that dude in a fight again.... what a little shit disturber
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
an individual who creates unnecessary conflict and unhappiness where it is especially not required
The Cat in the Hat is a shit disturber and should be killed TEN times for good measure.
by Thurgood Marshal December 10, 2003
Someone who aggressively and actively agitates or escalates a situation, dialog or event.
That guy is a real Shit Disturber, he just could not leave well enough alone.
by Werocomoco August 26, 2007
Somebody who just cannot mind their own damn business and stirs up trouble. Anytime there's a tenuous peace existing and it looks like a conflict is about to blow over or has come and gone expect some shit disturber to go and restoke the fires.

There are an awful lot of shit disturbers in politics.
by DennisIsEvil May 30, 2008
adj: someone who stirs up drama, usually for no valid reason what so ever.

see also: Kanye West, Kanye'd, Ye'd, ultimate douchebaggery, asshole
Kanye West is a big shit disturber, who loves drama.

He stole the spotlight shamelessly from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs, proclaiming Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Someone really needs to take that bottle away from his dumbass
by ae123456 September 13, 2009
Started in Canada, a person who will at any cost go out of their to annoy and irritate people. This phrase originally started when people went around disturbing other random people in public washrooms when they were taking a shit. Consequently the people that were being disturbed, when taking a dump, would curse and get angry with thedisturber but they were not in a position to do anything since they were still in the public washroom stall with their pants down when the incident occurred. They were also not quick enough to catch the culprit in time before he or she ran out. When a person runs into the washroom wets toilet paper and throws it over the stall at the person taking a shit thus gaining a thrill out of it
Joe is a real shit disturber cause he always causes trouble.
by Mattew March 12, 2008
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