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A 'shit crap day,' can be defined as a day that would rather be forgotten, but simply cannot be erased from ones memory due to it being both SHIT & CRAP. Therefore the day has been so stained and smeared with shit AND crap, that it's a complete write off. It may as well be flushed right down the toilet....

A person will only ever use this phrase as a result of suffering from mid-sentence Shit-Crap-Day-Turrets. SCDT, is what occurs when a person's brain is struggling to decide upon whether the day has been SHIT or CRAP, and in a momentary fit, blurts out both descriptions simultaneously. SCDT can occur during, or upon reflection of, the shit crap day.

Note: A shit crap day, is even more extreme than having
a, "day that was cray," or commenting that, "that shit (your day) way cray."
"I had such a shit crap day the other day. I opened a packet of snakes alive the other day, and they were all dead." - A common example of a shit crap day.

She listened to Ushers' Album 'Confessions,' and it became apparent that he was indeed singing about their past romp. It was a Shit-crap day, and a shit fight was sure to follow.

Friend 1: I'm pregnant, and Justin Bieber is the father.
Friend 2: What? So, Immaculate Conception is real then. We will have to start going to church now.
Friend 1: And to think, we didn't even sin. What a

And then the penny dropped. It was at that moment, that Cheska realised that 'Reality TV,' wasn't reality. It was like a really shit-crap-day legit.
by Renecan June 21, 2012
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