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A comfortable, baggy pair of old and well worn tracksuit pants that one wears, usually around the house. Teams very well with the old 'wife beater' as well.
I don't feel relaxed until I have my shit catchers on and a beer in my hand.
by Jules Howard October 23, 2007
Hairs around your asshole that get caught up in your shit.
Can be helpful if you shart so the shit doesn't get on your pants.
My pube trimmer got caught up in my shit catchers
by halfahmeatball November 13, 2010
Item of clothing worn by homeboys and the everyday white kid eminem who attempts to be a gangster. Made of Denim. Hangs from lower hips appearing like a adolencent diapers.
Check out those fuckwits with the shit catchers.
by Dalestrom September 25, 2005

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