Can be used instead of Damn. Offensive saying.
The video didn't come on. Shit Arse!!!!
by Steve Clatworthy February 25, 2005
Top Definition
Made-up Spanish verb meaning to shit yourself
Si pudea me shitar (shitarse), esa seria bueno.

If i could shit myself, that would be great.
by qwerty1231231 May 30, 2009
a shitarse is a coward,a turn coat or a good for nothing grass,commonly despised by everybody
see him over there he's a proper shitarse
by dave November 25, 2004
A pro-wrestler who is so unable to perform basic actions correctly and at the right time, that they almost certainly are unable to wipe their arses properly, leading to them walking around with their arses being all shitty. Hence, shitarse.
Man, I just watched a match involving noted shitarse Magnus. He's fucking terrible, at everything.
by owmykidney March 28, 2015
the bestest word in the whole dam world,
can be used 4 nearly anything
1. i did shit arse in that test
2. ur shit arse
3. i h8 mondays theyr shit arse
4. shit arse no way that is so koo
5. u are so shit arsing me...arnt u???
6. shit arse, that is so fun 2 say!!!
by taetard March 10, 2007
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