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Can be used instead of Damn. Offensive saying.
The video didn't come on. Shit Arse!!!!
by Steve Clatworthy February 25, 2005
Made-up Spanish verb meaning to shit yourself
Si pudea me shitar (shitarse), esa seria bueno.

If i could shit myself, that would be great.
by qwerty1231231 May 30, 2009
a shitarse is a coward,a turn coat or a good for nothing grass,commonly despised by everybody
see him over there he's a proper shitarse
by dave November 25, 2004
the bestest word in the whole dam world,
can be used 4 nearly anything
1. i did shit arse in that test
2. ur shit arse
3. i h8 mondays theyr shit arse
4. shit arse no way that is so koo
5. u are so shit arsing me...arnt u???
6. shit arse, that is so fun 2 say!!!
by taetard March 10, 2007