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(verb) to steal; to rob
chris likes to shist shit at parties
by dictator of October 06, 2005
26 15
Used in place of 'shit' by people trying to quit their bad habbit of swearing, or when a person feels that they are too pure to swear.
Has the compounded benefit of rhyming with the swear word 'Christ'
Holy shist, that guy almost ran me over!!!
by Avi February 04, 2004
41 24
Noun; a type of rock, sounds like a swearword, i personally think the guy who named it was stupid
Person1: Holey shist!
Person2: You mean shit?
Person1:Dude, you are so lucky to get shist to research, the name is so cool!
Person2: I know man, right?
by Food is life December 28, 2011
4 3
Noun; the arm of an overweight person where the wrist and arm are seamless all the way to the shoulder. The upper body version of the cankle.
Man, her arm movement wouldn't be so limited if it weren't for her enormous shists.
She had to stop wearing her watch due to the size of her shists.
by Jay Ru August 17, 2007
15 14
The need to piss and shit at the same time.
Person 1: Bro whats wrong?

Person 2: I really need to Shist!

Person 1: Damn..
by Spify Dragon August 06, 2011
5 7
Not mispelled. Just another way to spell shit. Im most chat rooms and crap, it doesnt get blocked out. Also, you can say it in school with out getting into trouble for it. Similar to shitaki on rye
Oh shist, i totally fucked up this whole page.
by Tommy Gunn January 23, 2004
7 20
One of the many ways to misspell the word "shits".
Excuse me, sir. You say you're not hiring me because I spelled "shits" wrong on my application? Well shist.
by Clammy MacDougal June 10, 2003
8 24