The word used for the immediate need to take a simuntaneous shit and piss, or shitpiss. Translated is Shiss.
After a huge lunch, I had to rush home to perform a Shiss.
by The masterful December 27, 2012
When one proceeds to urinate and defecate simultaneously.
"After all that great food and drink, you know i'll be the first to shiss."
by TBellis April 26, 2010
see 1.5
My shiss was horrible.
by Rob November 25, 2003
An attempt to shit in which only pissing occurs. 3-5 solid rectal pushes resulting only in a half toilet bowl of urine leaving the body.
That shiss wasted ten mintues of my life
by MikeDidIt March 18, 2008
When urinating takes as long as defecating.
Dude...have you been laying some cables?

Nah....I just had a shiss
by northern Queensland July 31, 2008

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