A word for human invented by the aliens in red vs. blue that means an animal like a skunk (or other smelly animal) that defecates, once it defecates the excrement turns around and defecates.

For easier definition please see Red vs. Blue episode 54 entitled "Hello My Name Is Andrew" on Red Vs. Blue .com. This episode is under season 3.
Gary: Knock knock.
Church: Who's there?
Gary: You Are ...
Church: I are what?
Gary: You are a dirty dirty shisno hahahahaha
by newLONDONFire09 January 19, 2010
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Q. What is the most foul-smelling animal on your planet?
A. A skunk.
Q. Does a skunk defecate?
A. Yes.
Q. And does the skunk's defecation in turn produce its own excrement?
A. Ew, no.
Q. Then there is no equivalent for shisno in your language.

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
You are.
You are, who?
You are a dirty dirty shisno. Ha Ha Ha.
by hobnob April 09, 2005
An insulting alien word, which they use interchangeably between an insult and "human" (the destroyer of their race)
"Ah shut up you shisno!"
by obiwan137 April 14, 2005
Someone who is inferior to you and it is the stupidest life form in the universe. It also means that they defecate like a skunk but also its defecation produces it's own excreement.
You are a dirty dirty Shisno.

Shut up you shisno.
by Pinkshisno December 02, 2005
from red versus blue contrary to popular belief a shisno is not only a "poop's poop" but can also be called at someone meaning anything.

MOM:here you go son your favourite cookies!"

KID: thanks mom, your such a shisno!"

KID 1:wow kid your such a shisno!"

KID 2:what the hell is a shisno?"

you may NEVER tell a person what a shisno is, they have to find themselves without help.
example of a shisno above
by pho3nix riing March 31, 2010
A very foul-smelling animal that has shit that shits its own shit! Not found on Earth.
Man! That shisno is so fucking SMELLY!
by the pwn3r December 19, 2005
the foulest most bad smelling thing ever, so by calling somebody one, they are worthless than a piece of crap that craps out of a skunk (which is bad)
u are a dirty dirty shisno

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