Those long sleeved, most likely striped of some color with white, with at least one button open to expose what little chest hair a college man has, goes out to the club with the rest of his shirt buddies to pick up women. Or as we refer to them, Skanks. Shirts and skanks, a perfect match. Self explanatory, if you go out to the clubs now a days, you will know exactly what im talking about. Its packed with shirts. ANd they're mostly likely douche bags, but after all, they're only really here to get into one low self esteem woman's pants
"look at those shirts playing bags in lincoln park. Fucking douchebags."
by .Luna Maide February 25, 2009
The object that covers up a nice pair of breasts.
O man vivek... that shirt is covering up her tits man.
by sheley125 April 11, 2009
Objects used, typically worn, that inhibit the actions of tanning, pimping, and being totally sweet.
Leddy, Wags, and Thach took their shirts off when some smokin' chicas came by.
by Ozone April 27, 2004
Slang term in the U.S. Air Force in reference to the First Sergeant, also known ad the First Shirt or simply, "The Shirt." Normally a unit commander delegates a lot of authority and responsibility to the Shirt. As such, most duty, health, morale, and disciplinary issues involving enlisted personnel are handled directly by the Shirt.
Airman Smith, you're scheduled to meet with the Shirt at 1400 on Wednesday.
by Dan August 23, 2008
An over-rated piece of clothing excpecially on women (good looking ones)
Bob: man i with that chick wasn't her shirt

Bill: yep me too..........
by Timmah! March 31, 2005
are for strangers
hay what do you think this is some kinda stranger thing? take that shirt off!! shirts are for STRANGERS!
by jackie April 06, 2003
The brown way to say shit. Pronounced sh-heh-rt
O my gosh that's the shirt.
by rakin hoque October 24, 2007

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