A most amusing synonym for homosexual, that is sadly not in everyday usage. It would have been most common in public or grammar schools and used by nausghty schoolboys. An ideal insult for the less crude or poorly educated, and due to its less common nature sounds, more original
All the personal pronouns and what have you, in this poem seem to be male. The poet was a bloke. I assume he must have been a bit of an old shirt lifter
by Synonym September 06, 2006
Used to refer to homosexual men whose posture forces them to pout out their chest while standing or walking with a mincing walk. The relative positions of chest and hips makes their shirts lift up - hence shirt lifter.
"Here look, his shirt rides high. He must be a shirt lifter. That explains his gayness, I bet he swings both ways".
by Happy as Larry February 22, 2012
Anagram of "shit trifler"
What,pray, is a shirtlifter if not a shit trifler by any other name?
by sad lad January 04, 2008
A big gay bear. A man who lifts up other mens' shirts, in order to gain a view of their exposed chests, from which he will glean homoerotic pleasure. He may store this image in a "mental wank bank" to assist him in masturbation at a later date.
"I'm a shirtlifter.I lifted up Phil's shirt. He has a gorgeous hairy chest. Ummmm."

"Hey lads, this isn't really my idea of skiing. I think I'm going to take off my skis and walk down."
by Louis25 January 15, 2006
one who lifts his shirt in order for a fellow to 'sing to the vicar'
stop touching my arse shirt lifter.
by horse September 20, 2003
a shirt lifter is someone who looks to see how big a man's dick is by "lifting up a guy's shirt", or in other words, a faggot, or cocksucker, a bottom and not a top. Used in Gulf countries like UAE and Bahrain, etc. Used by urban Arab boys in English speaking countries.
Hey Guys! Dig This! The new teacher is a shirt lifter.
by isa alharamiyy September 04, 2006
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