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a shirt lifter is someone who looks to see how big a man's dick is by "lifting up a guy's shirt", or in other words, a faggot, or cocksucker, a bottom and not a top. Used in Gulf countries like UAE and Bahrain, etc. Used by urban Arab boys in English speaking countries.
Hey Guys! Dig This! The new teacher is a shirt lifter.
by isa alharamiyy September 04, 2006
32 172
British urban slang for a male homosexual who lifts his shirt to enable sexual access to another of the same sex anal intercourse.
Oy! He looks to be a bit of a shirt-lifter to me mate!
by Smokey March 03, 2005
317 107
A shirtlifter is a homosexual male.
A homosexual male who lifts his shirt to allow sexual access to his same sex partner.
by Blondie February 15, 2005
297 146
1. An active homosexual male
2. An indecisive Australian Rules football player
1. "Stay in front of me, ya bloody shirtlifter"
2. "Kick it, ya shirtlifter, some of us have got to work on Monday"
by Agg August 10, 2003
125 37
"He doesn`t want a girlfriend,he`s a shirtlifter"
by wizard January 25, 2003
93 25
Gay male.
Really? I never suspected John was a shirt-lifter - not that there's anything wrong with that.
by scarphish April 22, 2003
47 12
A gay male who lifts his shirt (and bends over) for anal intercourse.

Primarily British usage.
Q. hey, is your mate a top?

A. No, he'll top sometimes, but he's really a shirtlifter.
by anglophile-4-69 November 15, 2009
31 14
A slag word for a gay man. A man who enjoys lifting the shirts off other men.
He is a right shirt lifter him!
by l turnbull September 12, 2005
95 114