A T-shirt made to look like ,or be used in lieu of, a jersey.

May also refer to a shirt made in New Jersey.
Bob:sorry, jerseys are just too expensive for the team
coach: Lets just make some shirseys instead.

Patel:yoo tht shirt is the nicee where'd you get it from?
ramichandran:this is a shirsey bro!
by frankreynolds November 29, 2009
Top Definition
one of those T-shirts that looks like a jersey. shirt and jersey combined.
man, you shoulda spent the money for a jersey, you look like a clown in that bootleg Jeter shirsey!
by J Shap July 20, 2006
A shirsey is a combination of a T-shirt and jersey. Preferred in the past by dirtbags and asshats, the shirsey has made a comeback as an affordable, yet acceptable form of sports apparrel.
Hold up knucka, I gotta go over to the concourse and by myself a Pujols shirsey
by ricknoberts April 22, 2006

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