a noun, widely in use worldwide in the Software development and QA community meaning:
"One whose iGoogle sux so bad that everything wrong in this world can be blamed on that one."
Saddam Hussain was a Shira
Politicians are Shira
"I saw your iGoogle, you are a shira!"
by Mr. Payback May 17, 2008
Top Definition
Hebrew for "song" or "poem". As a name it is very spiritual since song is considered the language of the soul.
They named the baby Shira.
by Shira :-) August 30, 2005
Word for "lyrics" or "poem" in Hebrew

Also a name for the most beautiful girl in the world. She has amazingly striking beautiful auburn hair and everyone loves her. She is amazing at dancing, but at the same time still makes a fool of herself.
Guy 1: Look at that beautiful girl over there dancing! The one with the auburn hair!
Guy 2: You mean Shira?
by Shira Kindler October 28, 2009
It means song or poem. She is really pretty and has an amazing voice. She is very smart. She also talks a lot but it is probably really funny. And if not its at least entertaining.
Person 1: WOAH! who is that crazy hottie over there?
Person 2: Haha. Thats just Shira. You'll get used to it...
by trezsongssss December 06, 2010
Hebrew for Song or Poem. They are the best friends anyone can have; Loyal and Sweet. Funny, even if no one else understands her humor. Can light up the room. Smart and Artistic. Shiras care about their grades, and do the right thing. Shiras listen to there parents, a rare quality. Keep promises, Tell Secrets, And Stay Loyal No Matter The Distance.
Girl: Gosh. I wish I was friends with Shira.

Girl #2: Ya, she's got it all together.

Guy: Did you see Shiras drawing?
Guy #2: Ya, it's amazing, just like her.
by Anonymous4567 January 06, 2014
Shira is a name of Hebrew origin meaning lyrics or poem

The most beautiful and smart girl you will ever meet she has away of getting you to the point were you can't stop thinking about her. She makes you want to spend all your time with her and be with her for as long as you can. She's funny she's cute and an all around great person out you have the chance to be with her take it and savor it try not lose it.
Guy 1. "Hey do you see that girl over there."

Guy 2. "Which one?"

Guy 1. "The hot one you know she's one of the smartest girls in school if i remember her name is Shira."
by iGhost_5G May 10, 2014
a freak of nature with wild hair who likes boys with skinny chicken legs from other schools
often has the tendency to stalk others
Is that Shira girl still obsessed with me?
by supercutekid November 27, 2011
hhmm, cant really think of anything good to say...uummm.....hhmmm...fine.

- Stalker
- Psycho hair
- The next Ellen Hopkins. (Like we need another one). Her and Krigel will write together. Oy, thats gonna be depressing.
- Is the most amazing, gorgeous, talented, stunning, beautiful, depressed girl ever to walk on the face of this earth.
- Rules the world baby.
- Mulit cellular organism.
"There goes Shira again...how many times has she walked by us? Ten?"

"I hear Shira has been writing lately...better stay away from her for a while unless you wanna turn suicidal."
by MRS. DY. (backwards douche) May 01, 2009
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