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The sexual act of a man inserting his penis into his lover's ear canal.
(Quoted from SNL) Catherine whispered into my ear, her breath rich with faraway spices, that she desire to make love. She wanted to try shinshi shinshi. Now, I'd been begging her to try sinshi shinshi for months. She'd refused on the grounds that it was unclean. Finally, she was willing to accept her lover's body in places no one had ever trespassed. Specifically, the ear canal.
by Beau6183 August 14, 2006
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Insertion of the penis into the earhole.
Our bellies distended and mouths glistening from goat meat, we decided to try a little shin-shi shin-shi, my lover and I.
by The Canadian Information Minister September 26, 2004
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Complete penatration of the Ear Canal. or When an erect Phallus enters a womans Ear Canal.
Dude last night me and Chealsea engaged in Shin Shi, and she still cant hear.

Your Mom liked it when we tried Shin Shi Shin Shi.

If you tried to have Shin Shi Shin Shi with Chuck Norris, he would blow your Brain out of your other Ear.
by dmthwsb8 April 22, 2006
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An unclean act of inserting the penis into to the ear canal.
I begged my girlfriend Andrea for months to try shinshi shinshi, but she refused on the grounds that it was unclean.
by Eric Hoffman July 03, 2006
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