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Maehara Shinobu. Youngest of the characters from Love Hina at the start of the anime/manga strip. Shy and nervous, but comes into her own by the end of the series. Madly in love with Urashima Keitaro. Fantastic cook. Meets her doppelganger in Nyamo.
Keitaro: Dry your tears, Shinobu. You're too pretty to look blue. (smooch)

Shinobu: When...when'd he become such a ladies man.
by Purokku-kun June 24, 2004
A young,cute, blue haired love hina character.
I love shinobu
by little saint June 18, 2004
Very cute, nervous. See also *Hotaru*
My friend is so Shinobu like.
by Frogs Albatou July 12, 2003
One of the badass characters from Yu yu Hakusho. All his name is Shinobu Sensui
Shinobu Sensui died...damn.
by Ubonis August 05, 2008
The most uber on DeviantART,ShinobuBU.

Shinobu is teh uber 1337.
by :ninja: April 03, 2005
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