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Maehara Shinobu. Youngest of the characters from Love Hina at the start of the anime/manga strip. Shy and nervous, but comes into her own by the end of the series. Madly in love with Urashima Keitaro. Fantastic cook. Meets her doppelganger in Nyamo.
Keitaro: Dry your tears, Shinobu. You're too pretty to look blue. (smooch)

Shinobu: When...when'd he become such a ladies man.
by Purokku-kun June 24, 2004
96 6
A young,cute, blue haired love hina character.
I love shinobu
by little saint June 18, 2004
84 6
Very cute, nervous. See also *Hotaru*
My friend is so Shinobu like.
by Frogs Albatou July 12, 2003
81 7
One of the badass characters from Yu yu Hakusho. All his name is Shinobu Sensui
Shinobu Sensui died...damn.
by Ubonis August 05, 2008
7 0
The most uber on DeviantART,ShinobuBU.

Shinobu is teh uber 1337.
by :ninja: April 03, 2005
7 90