inadequate in the ways of fuck
jamez is such a shinkaren. =D
by You Know Who This Is May 30, 2003
Top Definition
1. look up JaMeZ
2. a constant wanna-be pothead that wastes his life trying to be cool in a chat full of wanna-be's and losers
what? Shinkaren's trying that lame ass excuse again?
by Dark Holy October 21, 2003
1. fucking dickhead that goes from rebound to rebound and doesnt fucking give adiquate fucking reason to kick yer ass to the gutter.
2. a measurement of 2 inches
1. goddamnit hitler is such a fucking shinkaren
2. nepoleon had to have such shinkaren piece of dick
by You Know Who This Is May 30, 2003
disloyal punk ass bitch that loves to stick the knives in your back as much as he does up his own ass. homosexually fit to have large objects twisted around in his bumcrack and enjoys sucking on the cock.
King_Shinkaren: you're a lamer
YourBitch58478: you're a homo
King_Shinkaren: yea...know any good guys that'll ram me in the ass tonight?
by IHateDisloyalty May 28, 2003
An extreme crackhead, one who is given to uttering "here I am, all fucked up on crack, and I can't find one gat damn person who will listen to me for two seconds" repetitvely.
"Justin needs to stop being a fucking shinkaren, all that meth is gonna kill him."
by JaMeZ May 18, 2003
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