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Pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. Son of Gendo Ikari and Yui Ikari. Resides with Major Misato and Pilot Asuka Soryu Langly. 14 years old.
by New September 13, 2003
109 15
The whiny pussy with no backbone that is responsible for the fate of the world in the anime series Neon genesis Evangelion. He pilots Unit 1, Berserker.
Dammit Shinji, just pilot the damn Eva!
by Matt August 22, 2003
157 107
shinji ikari is the main person from evenagelion the anime series and the manga. Shinji Ikari is the Pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. His father ,Gendo Ikari abandoned him when he was 4 after the death of shinjis mother and gendos wife Yui Ikari.
"I mustn't run away"
by a fucking beasty ninja July 18, 2005
70 32