means the same as a blo -job, to have your dick sucked is to get a shiner. (see shine also)
"that girl over there gave me a shiner"
by 123 July 24, 2003
Top Definition
(n.) a black eye. Term is of Irish origin where it was a punishment for not keeping machinery shiney delivered from the boot of a British officer.
That's quite a shiner on your face
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 06, 2004
A Blow Job/ Head/ Buffing
If I give you a tenner will you give me shiners? Fifteen? Shit, the feds.
by The Original Crackhead February 11, 2003
An adept at the art of Shining; one who exposes his member as a joke or act of derision.
OMG did you see? That guy's dick is hanging out of his pants! He must be a Shiner
by Avi G October 30, 2010
Someone that is very aware of himself and don't want to look like having low value.
this belarusian is so shiner
by levithelev June 18, 2011
Short for Shinerboch beer, which is bottled and brewed in Shiner, TX and famous throughout the Lone Star State.
Guy on his way to get some more beers from the fridge: "Who wants a Shiner?"
by oso1 February 22, 2006
A. person capable of single-handedly changing the etymology of most foul-defined words. The type of person that is so beautiful you are nervous to talk to them.

B. a facial expression that is warm and welcoming, yet- at the same time- makes you apprehensive that you are about to be destroyed by impeccably sharp wit
C. a mythical singing sea creature that ellivates lonely sailor's white cap whipping woes
D: hot ticket
E. the main attraction
"wow- i can't believe you were able to score those shiner tickets for the game!"
person 1: " what are all those people doing lined up at 5 in the morning outside in the freezing cold?"
person 2: "i don't know- but whatever it is, it must be a shiner! let's get in line!"
by itstrueyou February 02, 2010
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