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To kick someone under a table to prevent them from saying something that would embarrass you or them.
Commonly used to shut up a boyfriend with they are in the company of parents
did you see that guy wince when his girlfriend gave him a shindig under the table?
by someonehere May 25, 2007
Derek's word for gettin' down at one of our places with friends to hang out and be teenagers
Brian, we're gonna go shindig at Gus's, wanna come?
by Jax_Ender January 22, 2004
A part-ay of some kind.
A REALLY good one... with mucho alcohol!
Shindig at Sheena's tonight!!!!!!
by Chardonnay-Whitney March 26, 2005
a party; a get togeather
shindig is the new party
yo homie, theres gonna be an awsome shindig at my playas crib tonight. u gonna come?
by p masta funk December 10, 2004
to party on down
by Slap Chappie April 19, 2003
A gathering of 10 or less people, usually involving a few beers. A shindig will almost never turn into a party because only broke ass people attend a shindig...hence, the reason there are only A FEW beers.
hey jimmy you gonna go to your sister's shindig?

I ain't got nothing better to do.
by BETTY CROCKER June 24, 2006
Female masturbation.
'Leave her alone; she's having a shindig'
'Do not disturb; shindigging'
'I shindug on the floor'
'Can she come to the phone? I'm afraid not; she's shindigging'
by Sutton314 April 29, 2010