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Abnormal vibration or wobbling, as of a person who serves as a courier of illegal drugs.
by Shun October 16, 2003
to try something which won't do you no good -- it ain't a boy or a girl so you get nothing outta doin' it. May as well jack your own hammer.
having a crush on a happily married but very hot teacher
by Henry Marquez October 12, 2003
1. Doing something pointless.
2. The term shimmy means to dance shaking from the shoulders. A mule is another word for donkey Aka ass. It literally means dancing with an ass. In modern lingo means dancing with a phat ass bitch.
3. Also refers to masterbating. Sometimes fantasizing about donkeys.
Tyler was feeling lonely so he desided to shimmy up the mule.
When I go out to clubs I shimmy up the mule.
by Jimboozie October 14, 2003