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Act of sticking one or more fingers in a woman's pussy or ass while fucking them in order to make it tighter
So I am clipping this slut from the club and do some shimming because that pussy was so well worn...

Could not believe it - put my dick in her ass and she didn't even blink - had to do some shimming to get her to squeal...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
2 7
the art or philosophy of shim. founded by the master shimnist Andrew Wong.
1. damb i was shimming hard when i decided to shove that spoon up my ass last weekend. 2. Ewwww ya weo wao yeaa shim shim mmm yea.
by sergeant shim January 10, 2010
10 0
using your fingers to make a woman feel tighter
Ya, she is loose as hell, so I've just been shimming it.
by meatplate April 12, 2011
4 3
To abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol.
"Lindsay Lohan just got out of rehab and now she's totally shimming."
by Im Shimming May 25, 2008
1 2