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a shim is a boy and a girl "she-him"
adruuw is a shim a "she-him"
by adrow sumbull March 15, 2008
2 5
a he-she, she-male, transvestite
whooah look at that shim! its more manly than that one!
by kaitlin barnes November 30, 2004
401 178
(n)-A person of anonymous or unconfirmed gender. Usually only applicable to people met online.
Are you still going out with that shim?
by Jon Zamboni July 14, 2005
135 98
A mixture of the words him and she. Used to describe someone who has characteristics of both a male and female person.
"His wife is such a shim!"
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
106 73
Commonly used word for small penis originating in northern Texas.

A person with a small dick.
Person A: "My dick is 1.5 inches hard."
Person B: "You're such a shim."

Person A: "What's the difference between a mosquito and a shim?"
Person B: "You can feel a mosquito when it's in you."
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim August 12, 2009
91 60
A gender-neutral direct object pronoun
Unless the protagonist has a high IQ, I have a hard time identifying with shim.
by Linguist6541 April 11, 2009
56 37
An individual whose gender is unclear to everyone else.
I'm not sure if that person is a she or a him, therefore they must be a shim.
by Coli Oli March 21, 2010
24 12
1). A lady that looks like a dude, or a dude that looks like a lady. 2). Transvestite. 3). Shemale. 4). Cross dressing men or butch lesbians.
No, Katee, you didn't invent this word. But you can say, "Ew, gross, look at shim! Its dick is hanging out of its skirt!"
by imbendenton July 07, 2005
72 62