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For swift and brutal rebuttals there is no word quite like 'Nilas'. Shilat Cinese, on the other hand, is a command of a quite different nature. When used with the raised palm it is surely man's most powerful expression of his own will and is not to be used lightly. It is the final word in the fight for supremacy.
Man 1: Bolat
Man 2: Zlinith!
Man 1: Shilat (rasied palm)
Man 2: SHILAT CINESE!!! (raised palm)
by The Fiddler September 07, 2004
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To flat refuse a stupid request in one simple bark. Often acompanied by the shoving of the palm toward the face of the offender. Or in exteme cases the more mystical "floating of the three digits".
Taxi Driver: Want a ride?
by Rizzer September 06, 2004
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