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Used by Griminal MC aka Grimsom from the crew NASTY and M-I-C. the term has the same meaning as shank.
e.g. Griminal: Pass me the shilank and i'll shilank one of them, keep on runnin ur mouth lyk im jokin and i'll run in ur house and put one in ur men!!!
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Shilank is a classy mixture of sweet {or shweet) and dank. It combines them both, and yet isn't quite as lame as sweet, and has more class than dank. It is, essentially, shilank.
Yo, Brian's new Saab 9-5 is pretty shilank. {In this case sweet is to unoriginal, and dank doesn't quite express the classiness that the car deserves. Shilank, however, is a perfect mix of them both}
by Marvin Willis February 24, 2008
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