When one takes a shit so enormous it's nearly of biblical proportions.
Don't go in that bathroom for a while, I dropped a shiite muslim
by Money April 10, 2005
Top Definition
1) a follower of a section of Islam.
2) something which is said when you are halfway through saying "shit", similar to "shitake mushrooms". Used around teachers, parents, O.A.Ps and anyone else who disapproves of swearing.
1) there are some Shi'ite muslims in Iraq
2) Jimre: "i forgot about my date with tasha. Oh Shi.."
*parents loom*
Jimre:"..Shi'ite muslim."
by Jimre January 31, 2006
When something huge or unbelievable goes down and saying just "shit son" doesnt cut it anymore.
"holy shiite muslim!!! did you see that dog eat that woman?!?!"
by AlyssaM August 14, 2006
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