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Shiggle: a unit of measurement describing 1 unit of time of a woman's "jelly" jiggling. 1 shiggle equates to 2 and a half seconds of booty jiggle.
Christian: "And thats the last time I let her make brownies..."
Jeren: "Did you see that girl?!"
Brian: "She made her booty jiggle for a shiggle."
by The shiggle crew May 07, 2008
For shits and Giggles
Reading threw UD gives me the shiggles every time. Even when some of the def., are way out thier.
by binaryfuzUrpennis2arocket November 23, 2009
1. One who is committing the act of shitting and giggling at the same time.

2. One who masturbates in excess.

Follow either of these with "TO THE MAX!" for added effect.
1. Dude, I got your text message while on the can and shiggled for about 10 minutes.

2. Since being on house arrest you have become a massive shiggler.
by Pink lederhosen March 22, 2010
For 'Shits and Giggles' - doing something purely for one's own entertainment
Mike: Did you see Neill earlier, he's walking around with a massive cartoon of cock stuck to his back, I wonder who did that?'

Lewis: Mate, it was me, I totes did that for shiggles
by dangerdog March 02, 2012
A shortened version of the saying 'Shits and Giggles'
Rhea: I'm looking up obscure Hungarian rock bands.

Abby: Why?

Rhea: Just for shiggles.

Shits and Giggles Shits n' Giggles
by Ellen Hardcastle August 27, 2011
Combination of the phrase "For Shits and Giggles." E.g. doing something for fun or for a laugh.
Why did you punch me!??" "Fo' shiggles!
by WCaff June 22, 2011
A combinations of the word shits and giggles used to compact the phrase.
Person 1: "Why the mother fuck would you ask her if you could pee in her butt?"

Person 2: "For shiggles dude"
by Vehemoth77 May 14, 2011